Ode to Waterpolo

I owe a great deal to Waterpolo. WATERPOLO taught me discipline and perseverance: every single season was made of 9 months of consistent training, suffering, sacrifice and efforts. All to make it to the finals, in the best possible shape and condition, individually and as a team. All whilst working and studying, fitting 4 to 5 trainings per week and games during weekends in my schedule. WATERPOLO taught me the importance of planning and leadership. I learned that success comes with toughtful planning of collective and individual preparation. And beyond driving team and players to stick to the plan, you need a leader to inspire and motivate them to perform. WATERPOLO taught me the importance of both the team and the individual components of the team. Even the weakest element is essential during a training session. You can’t prepare your defense scheme with your 5 best players only. You need all 13 players. And the team will only succeed if the individuals composing it will be able to come together and play in harmony, just like a well oiled symphony orchestra. WATERPOLO taught me that money, publicity or Instagram likes do not motivate me to work hard. Waterpolo doesn’t pay bills ‘round here. And it doesn’t give fame. If you do all of this, it’s ‘cause you f…ing love it, you love the suffering, you love the game. No bullshit, just passion. WATERPOLO taught me the value of learning from the best instead of beating the worst. I thank all the great players that I had the privilege to share lane with. Many of which became close friends. Some of which I traveled the world with. I learned a lot whatching them play, talking and training with them. In life just like in the swimming pool. WATERPOLO taught me that success comes with failure. I swallowed lots of silver, bronze, dust, water and mud to earn that bit of gold. But above all, WATERPOLO gave me the best friends one could hope for. Not all my teammates are friends. Not all the teams I was part of meant family to me. But among my teammates I did find a bunch of people I can truly call Friends and that are Family. I carry all these assets with me every day outside of that swimming pool. Thank you WATERPOLO.


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