Current pipeline

Selected Work in Progress, sorted by maturity (* first author)

  • Igor Francetic. “Selection on moral hazard in the Swiss market for mandatory health insurance: Empirical evidence from Swiss Household Panel data”.
    Status: Under review.
    Working paper: Health, Econometrics and Data Group (HEDG) Working Paper 22/24:
    Presentations: Congress of the Scottish Economic Society, virtual, 2021; Health Economists’ Study group Winter meeting, University of Leeds, 2022; Swiss Health Economics Workshop 2022, CSS Institute, Luzern; American-European Health Economics Study Group, UPF, Barcelona, 2022.
  • Jack Elliott*, Igor Francetic, Rachel Meacock, and Matt Sutton. “Do informal care recipients internalise carer burden? Examining the effect of informal care receipt on health behaviours”.
    Status: Under review.
  • Igor Francetic*, Rachel Meacock, and Matt Sutton. “Capacity constraints and heterogeneous spillover effects of emergency department crowding on patient outcomes”.
    Status: Working paper (available upon request).
    Presentations: Health Economics Seminar, University of Oxford, 2022; Health Economists’ Study group Summer meeting, University of Sheffield, 2022; Center for Health Economics Seminar, Monash University, 2022 [presented by co-author Rachel Meacock]; Brownbag Seminar, Department of Economics, University of Manchester.
  • Ole K. Aars*, Igor Francetic. “Earning differentials and effects on attrition among General Practitioners in Norway”.
    Status: Working paper.
    Presentations: Health Economists’ Study group Summer meeting, University of Sheffield, 2022; European Health Economics Association (EuHEA) Conference 2022, University of Oslo.
  • Ben Walker, Igor Francetic. “Non-traditional roles in primary care and unmet care needs: Evidence from the GP Patient Survey in England”.
    Status: Work in progress.
  • Igor Francetic*. Yiu-Shing Lau, Kath Checkland, Matt Sutton, and Marcello Morciano. “Beyond the blank slate: how existing general practice collaborations can influence the development and the performance of Primary Care Networks in England”.
    Status: Working paper.
    Presentations: HSR UK, University of Sheffield; 2022.
  • Catherine Campbell*, Igor Francetic. “Emergency care outcomes for university students following a deliberate self-harm event”.
    Status: Working paper.
    Presentations: Poster presented at the 2022 Winter HESG workshop in Leeds, Available here.
  • Igor Francetic*, Ruth Watkinson, Stephanie Gillibrand, Alex J. Turner, and Matt Sutton. “A description of ethnic and gender inequalities in waiting times for initial assessment across English Emergency Departments”.
    Status: Work in progress.

On hold

  • Igor Francetic. “Does Increased Operational Governance Reduce Payments for Free Healthcare Services? The Case of Deliveries in Tanzanian Government Health Facilities”.
    Status: Work in progress, Abstract available here.
    Presentations: iHEA World Congress, virtual, 2021.
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