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Publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, by topic

Demand side – Health and behaviours

  • Francetic, I., Meacock, R., Sutton, M. 2022. Understanding Concordance in Health Behaviours among Couples: Evidence from the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme in England. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 201: 310-345. 10.1016/j.jebo.2022.08.001.
  • Francetic I., Munford L. 2021. Corona and Coffee on your commute: A spatial analysis of COVID-19 mortality and commuting flows in England in 2020. European Journal of Public Health 31(4): 901–907. 10.1093/eurpub/ckab072.

Supply side – Healthcare organisation and provision

  • Turner, A.J., Francetic, I., Watkinson, R., Gillibrand, S., Sutton, M. 2022. Socioeconomic inequality in access to timely and appropriate care in emergency departments.  Journal of Health Economics 82:102668. 10.1016/j.jhealeco.2022.102668.
  • Francetic, I., Gibson, J., Spooner, S., Checkland, K., Sutton, M. 2022. Skill-mix change and outcomes in primary care: longitudinal analysis of English General Practices 2015-2019.  Social Science & Medicine 308:115224. 10.1016/j.socscimed.2022.115224.
  • Gibson, J., Francetic, I., Spooner, S., Checkland, K., Sutton, M. 2022. Primary care workforce composition with population, professional and system outcomes: retrospective cross-sectional analysis. British Journal of General Practice 72 (718): e307-e315. 10.3399/BJGP.2021.0593.
  • Francetic I., Tediosi F. Kuwawenaruwa A. 2021.  A network analysis of patient referrals in two district health systems in Tanzania. Health Policy and Planning 36(2): 162-175. 10.1093/heapol/czaa138.
  • Francetic I., Fink G., Tediosi F. 2021. Impact of social accountability monitoring on health facility performance: Evidence from Tanzania. Health Economics 30(4):766-785. 10.1002/hec.4219.
  • Francetic I., Tediosi F., Salari P., De Savigny D., 2019. Going operational with health systems governance: supervision and incentives to health workers for increased quality of care in Tanzania. Health Policy and Planning 34 (supplement 2): ii77-ii92. 10.1093/heapol/czz104.

Health policy

  • Francetic, I., Meacock, R., Elliott, J., Kristensen, S.R., Britteon, R., Lugo-Palacios, D., Sutton, M. 2022. Framework for identification and measurement of spillover effects in policy implementation: Intended Non-intended TargEted Non-Targeted Spillovers (INTENTS). Implementation Science Communications 3(30): 1-15. 10.1186/s43058-022-00280-8.
  • Francetic I. 2021. Bad law or implementation flaws? Lessons from the implementation of the new law on epidemics during the first months of response to COVID-19 in Switzerland. Health Policy 125(10): 1285-1290. 10.1016/j.healthpol.2021.08.004.
  • Francetic I., 2019. Governance to address health systems pitfalls of antibiotics overuse in low- and middle-income countries. International Journal of Public Health 64: 1127-1128. 10.1007/s00038-019-01292-3.
  • De Pietro C., Francetic I., 2018. E-health in Switzerland: The laborious adoption of the federal law on electronic health records (EHR) and health information exchange (HIE) networks. Health Policy 122(2): 69–74. 10.1016/j.healthpol.2017.11.005.

Contributions to books

  • Francetic I., 2020. Health Reforms In Tanzania: From Self-Reliance To Donor Dependency and Efforts to Return to Self-Reliance, in Okma, K.G.H. and Tenbensel, T. (ed.), Health Reforms Across the World. The Experience of Twelve Small and Medium-sized Nations with Changing Their Healthcare Systems. Chapter 2, pp. 55-73. Singapore: World Scientific. 10.1142/9789811208928_0003.

Reports and other (including non-peer-reviewed) publications

  • Imelda McDermott, Sharon Spooner, Mhorag Goff, Jon Gibson, Elizabeth Dalgarno, Igor Francetic, Mark Hann, Damian Hodgson, Anne McBride, Katherine Checkland & Matt Sutton. 2022. Scale, scope and impact of skill mix change in primary care in England: a mixed-methods study. Health Soc Care Deliv Res 10(9). 10.3310/YWTU6690.
  • De Pietro C., Francetic I. 2018. Cure digitali per la sanità. Ticino Management (Novembre 2018). pp. 88-89. Available here.
  • De Pietro C., Francetic I. 2018. Aiuto allo sviluppo in ambito sanitario: bisogni locali e iniziative globali. Iride (4). pp. 15-17. ISSN 2504-2742. Available here.

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