Who – I’m an Applied Economist working on Health.

What – My current research interests are: [health] policy evaluation, health systems and services research (focus on cancer screening and early detection), analysis of spillover effects in health[care], selection and moral hazard in health insurance, economics of health systems governance (focus on primary healthcare provision in LMICs), and development [health] economics.

How – I try to approach empirical studies with theoretical underpinnings, using econometric and network analysis tools and working comfortably across platforms (especially R and Stata).

Current Working Papers

  • “Bad law or implementation flaws? Lessons from the implementation of the new law on epidemics during the first months of response to COVID-19 in Switzerland”. R&R, Health Policy. [Abstract]
  • with Rachel Meacock, Jack Elliott, Søren R. Kristensen, Phillip Britteon, David Lugo Palacios and Matt Sutton. “Classifying spillover effects from healthcare interventions: A scoping review and framework”. Work in progress. [Abstract]
    Presentations: 2021 Winter Meeting HESG (paper discussed).
  • with Rachel Meacock and Matt Sutton. “Household bargaining around screening uptake in the English bowel cancer screening program: Evidence from ELSA data”. Work in progress.
  • “Selection on moral hazard in the Swiss market for mandatory health insurance: Empirical evidence from Swiss Household Panel data”. Work in progress. [Abstract]
  • Presentations: 2021 Congress of the Scottish Economic Society.
  • “Does Increased Operational Governance Reduce Payments for Free Healthcare Services? The Case of Deliveries in Tanzanian Government Health Facilities”. Work in progress. [Abstract]
    Presentations: 2021 iHEA World Congress (scheduled).